758-918 Wago Ethernet Gateway

The 758-918 Wireless Ethernet Gateway from WAGO provides a simple wireless transmission link for ethernet connections such as Profinet, Modbus, TCP, and Ethernet/IP.

This durable wireless ethernet gateway has an A-codded M12 plug power connector and a D-coded socket ethernet connector.

And with IP65 housing and an internal directional antenna, it can withstand the harshest of industrial environments.

With simple push button operation, you can easily get a fast and reliable connection between two wireless ethernet gateways, and this device gives you a cable-free alternative with Bluetooth and WLAN connectivity options between two automation devices.

Through its various configurations, it can also serve as an access point-allowing for other Wi-Fi devices to connect to a wired network.

Additional settings for Wago’s 758-918 Wireless Ethernet Gateway can be made via Web-Based Managementand to establish a peer-two-peer connection, you will need two wireless ethernet gateways of the same model.

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