Wire Pulling

Wire Pulling
Wire Pulling
Wire pulling equipment is used to pull cables and wires through long lengths of conduit.

Several different tools and methods can be used to make it easier to feed wire through conduit, including grips, blowing systems, and even mechanized equipment that may be needed to pull large, heavy bundles hundreds of feet.

The most common tool is fish tape, which is a long spool of flat metal wire with a hook at the end. The wire is resilient enough to overcome fittings, and flexible enough to round bends or sharp angles. Wire pulling lubricant may be used to cover the fish tape to reduce friction as the tape is fed through the conduit. At the other end, cables are attached to the hook and the fish tape is pulled back through the conduit.

Poly-Gel Cable Pulling Series Image
  • Dries to a Clear, Non-Conductive Film for Easy Handling, Stripping and Terminating of Cable - Will Not Gum up or Harden on Conduit
  • Workable Over Wide Temperature Range: Poly-Gel™ +28 °F to +200 °F; All Season Poly-Gel™ -10 °F to +180 °F
  • Easy and Versatile to Use - Apply Manually or with Pump
  • Clean, Clear Gel, Water-Based for Easy Cleanup
  • Non-Staining and Non-Toxic
Perfect for all types of insulation and conduit, including fiber-optic cable, cable with low-density, linear low-density polyethylene, polyurethane and semi-conducting jackets.
Missile Line Carriers Series Image
  • Fast Blowing and Vacuuming of 2" to 6" Diameter Conduit by Low-Friction Plastic Carriers
  • Easily Removed from Conduit If Stuck or Jammed
  • For 2" to 6" Conduit
Jetline Super Blower System Series Image
The most powerful blower system in the market.
  • Blower Unit Delivers 275 cfm at 3 Psi – More than Enough to Blow 1/2 in Poly-Pull™ Rope 1000 ft or More Through Conduit up to 6 in Diameter.
  • Lightweight (35 lbs) and Compact (24" X 7-1/2" X 8-1/4") Power Unit Can Be Hand-Carried to the Work Area.
  • System Includes Dial-A-Line™ Seal-Off System; Eliminates Extra Steps by Allowing Simple “Dial” Selection of Feed-Thru Opening Size for up to 1/2 in Pull Rope.
  • Extra-Long 25 ft Hose Allows Power Unit to Be Located Outside the Manhole or Vault.
  • All Work Is Done from One End of the Conduit, Permitting One-Person Operation
  • Can Use Pull Rope and True Tape® Conduit Measuring Tape Simultaneously
  • Specifications: Max 4 Psi; 150 cfm; 3 Motors (1-1/2 Hp Each)
  • 115 VAC, 23 A; Power Consumption 2.65 kW
Powr House System Series Image
  • Completely Self-Contained with No Electrical Power Source Required
  • Metered Operating Valve Controls CO2 Volume to Minimize Waste and Maximize Safety
  • Locking Pull Ring Prevents Accidental Discharge
  • Specifications: 840 Psi @ 70 °F
  • For 1/2" to 6" Conduit
  • Quick, Easy Setup
  • 1" Tank Thread
Super Blo-Vac System Series Image
This rugged blower/vacuum system handles 1/2" to 6" conduit.
  • Complete Package Includes Dial-A-Line™ Seal-Offs, the Inflatables® Line Carriers, Foam Line Carriers, Power Saver™ and Tag-Along™ Line Packages
  • All Accessories Store Neatly in Self-Contained Tool Storage Compartment
  • Compartments Can Be Unlatched and Separated - Recovery Compartment Capacity Expandable to 9 Gallons by Using Bottom Tool Storage Compartment
  • Three-Stage Blower/Vacuum Motor Delivers up to 25% more Power for Longer Runs and Faster Operation
  • High-Impact, Lightweight Polypropylene Construction Will Not Rust or Dent
  • Blows or Vacuums Most Debris and Water from Conduit Runs
  • Specifications: Max. 5 Psi; 95 cfm; 2-1/4 Hp; 134" Vacuum
  • 10" Diameter Metal Hubbed Wheels Allow Mobility
  • 115 VAC, 13 A, 14-1/4" X 16-1/2" X 39-3/4"
Foam Line Carriers Series Image
  • Cleans Water and Debris from Most Conduit – Rigid, EMT, IMC, PVC or Flexible
  • Durable for Indefinite Re-Use
  • For 1/2" to 6" Conduit
Power Saver Line Packages Series Image
  • Line Is Dispensed Smoothly and Quickly as Line Carrier Moves through Conduit
  • Carrier and Pull Line Included in a Single, Handy Package
  • No Knots to Tie, No Foam Carriers to Retrieve
  • Color Coded Packages Indicate Line Diameter
  • For 1/2" to 1" Conduit
Tag-Along Line Packages Series Image
  • Line Is Dispensed as Package Moves Through Conduit Attached to Line Carrier
  • Works with Foam or Inflatable Line Carriers
  • Handles Longer Runs with Less Energy
  • For 1-1/4" to 6" Conduit
The Inflatables Line Carriers Series Image
  • Each Inflatable Line Carrier Adjusts to Fit the Conduit; Four Items Cover a Range of Eleven Diameters of Rigid, IMC, EMT, PVC or Flexible Conduit, or Single-Bore Duct
  • Heavy-Gauge Waterproof Woven Nylon Assures Long Life
  • For 3/4" to 6" Conduit
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